CPSC 591 W2019 Rendering Showcase

Students in CPSC 591 (Rendering) need to complete a final project where they implement a rendering technique of their choice. In Winter 2019, students worked hard and produced some amazing results! Showcased below are some of the projects spanning physically-based, realtime and non-photo realistic rendering (NPR) techniques.

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  • Stroke-based Rendering by Veronica H.

  • Car Paint Rendering by Rachel M.

  • Tilt-Shift Lens Systems by Eric D.

  • Toon Shading, Feature Lines, Hatching by Adrian B. and Andrew H.

  • Realtime Atmospheric Scattering by Guillaume P.

  • Realtime Shallow Water Rendering by Colt L.

  • Realtime Fractal Rendering via Distance Estimators by Scott E.


Second Place in the 2018 Visualize This Challenge.

Usman Alim and Roberta Mota's submission secured second place in the Visualize This challenge organized by West Grid. The official announcement is here. The video below visualizes lipid-protein interactions extracted from the contest data (scientific track) using MDAnalysis. The renderings were done in Paraview using the OSPRay renderer.


Congratulations Jubair!

Mohammad Imrul Jubair successfully defended his MSc thesis on Dec. 6, 2016. Jubair spent a bit over two years with us and is now back in Bangladesh continuing his pursuits in academia. Congratulations Jubair! We wish you all the best for a bright future.

Winning the Compute Canada Visualize This Challenge

Allan Rocha and Julio Daniel Silva worked tirelessly to prepare a submission for the Visualize This challenge organized by Compute Canada's Visualization Team. The visualization design was based on Allan's decal-mapping and layering technique that appeared at SciVis 2016. We won the challenge!

The official announcement is here.

The video below showcases Allan's design.


Compute Canada - "Visualize This!" Challenge from Allan Rocha on Vimeo.