Multivariate Visualization of Oceanography Data Using Decals

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


Workshop on Visualisation in Environmental Sciences (EnvirVis), The Eurographics Association, Barcelona, Spain (2017)





In this paper, we present our results on the 2016 Compute Canada Visualization Contest, which centers around the visualization of multiple oceanographic data attributes. Our goal is to help researchers better understand the correlation between these attributes by providing an integrated data visualization. To accomplish this goal, we combine decals and colormaps in a layered fashion over temperature isosurfaces extracted from an oceanography model. We describe how decals can be deformed and animated over isosurfaces to convey the sense of flow given by the ocean currents. Our visualization design focuses on addressing requirements from experts, tailored for such datasets. The results highlight the potential of our approach towards accessing the tridimensional multivariate nature of such complex data.

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